Algaefix is a selective turf and ornamental algaecide. It is registered for the control of algae and mould in golf course, bowling greens and sports turf areas, as well as on hard surfaces such as pathways and nursery greenhouse floors.

Algaefix is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, completely water soluble and non-phytotoxic algaecide. Used as directed, the pesticide residues of this product are biodegraded by normal soil micro-organism populations.

Algae in Turf Management

Algae are primitive green plants. They can be a problem in turfgrass when surface conditions are overly wet. They tend to occur in low, shaded, or compacted areas. Algae form a greenish to black scum on the soil or in thin turf. As this blackish scum dries, it appears as a crust that later cracks. Turfgrass plants may become chlorotic (yellowed), weak, and eventually die as a result of Algae competition.

Culturally, algal scums can be managed in turf by employing the following methods:

  • Improving surface and subsurface drainage
  • Avoiding frequent irrigation, especially at night
  • Aerification of compacted areas
  • Maintaining proper pH and nutritional levels
  • Increasing mowing height where possible and practical
  • Improving light penetration to the turf sward
  • Using more shade tolerant grasses where shade is the major cause of the problem.
Key features and benefits of Algaefix Turf & Ornamental Fungicide
  • Unique mode of action – Limited potential for resistance
  • Strong activity on algae – Will control algae effectively and efficiently
  • Non chloride based formulation – Limited potential for burn, unlike other algaecides on the market
  • Environmentally safe, biodegradable and completely water soluble – Non-persistent in the environment. Easy to use
  • Non-corrosive to equipment, structures, growing areas and most importantly is not harmful to plants when applied at recommended rates – Safe for use in nursery production situations on a range of plant species
  • APVMA approved product – Credible formulation & proven activity
Brand: Adama
Product Form:
Weed: Algae
Application Rate: 0.6-1L per 100L
Active Ingredient: 142.5g/L Quartenary Ammonium Compound
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