Dollar Spot

Causal Agent: Lanzia spp.

Susceptible Turfgrasses: All turfgrass species, predominantly cool season grasses.
Bentgrass – Pennlinks, A1 & A4, Providence, L-93, Penn G2 have shown superior tolerance (Hurley, 1999).
Most susceptible – Crenshaw, SR1020.


  • Small, sunken, circular patches 1.5 to 5cm in diameter.

  • The patches turn from brown to a straw colour and may eventually coalesce, into larger irregularly shaped areas.

  • In the presence of dew, mycelium may be seen as a fine white cottony thread.

  • Infected leaves may display small lesions that turn from yellow-green to straw colour with a reddish-brown border.

  • Lesions can extend the full width of the leaf.

  • Multiple lesions may occur on a single leaf blade.

Conditions Favouring Disease

  • Temperature ranges of 16°C to 28°C and continuous high humidity above 85%.

  • Warm humid weather with cool nights that produce heavy dews.

  • When the micro-climate temperature reaches 16°C the fungus resumes growth.

  • Low nitrogen levels.

  • More severe in dry soils.

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Products to Use Dollar Spot

Maxtima® Fungicide


Maxtima® is a revolutionary, broad spectrum DMI fungicide that can be applied on any turf, at any temperature and anywhere on your course. Featuring…

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Xzemplar™ Fungicide


Xzemplar™ is a fungicide offering advanced systemic movement of the active ingredient, Fluxapyroxad, Xzemplar combines a quick knockdown and powerful, long lasting…

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Dedicate Forte Stressgard

Dedicate Forte_1L

Dedicate FORTE Stressgard® is a broad-spectrum DMI fungicide containing tebuconazole (240 g/L) with Stressgard Formulation Technology, and controls tough soil-borne and…

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Quali-Pro Enclave Fungicide

Packshot 10L

Quali-Pro Enclave is registered for the broad spectrum, eradicant, curative and preventative control of Brown Patch, Fusarium Patch, Anthracnose, Dollar Spot,…

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Lexicon Intrinsic Fungicide

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Lexicon delivers peak performance under pressure, optimising disease control and providing plants with longer, stronger roots and increased growth. Lexicon controls…

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Posterity Turf Fungicide

Posterity Pack Shot

POSTERITY delivers exceptional Dollar Spot control and is a great option to add to your tank mix to deal with this…

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Exteris Stressgard®

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The newest fungicide innovation from Bayer has you covered, providing outstanding broad-spectrum disease control, turf quality and application flexibility.  Contains a…

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Bumper 625 EC

Packshot Bumper 625 EC

Bumper 625 EC is a broad spectrum fungicide specifically registered for the control of Spring Dead Spot and Dollar Spot in a range…

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Patriot Fungicide

Adama Fungicide 1Lgeneral

Patriot Fungicide is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 100 g/L of the active ingredient Trifloxystrobin and 200 g/L Tebuconazole. It is specifically…

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Velista Turf Fungicide


Velista is a powerful broad spectrum fungicide that can be used all year round and can be trusted to keep your turf…

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Quali-Pro Evolution Fungicide

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Evolution Fungicide is a premium, fungicide mixture containing 120 g/L of the active ingredient Azoxystrobin and 200 g/L Tebuconazole. This unique…

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Bayfidan 400 x 400

Bayfidan is a broad spectrum, systemic foliar fungicide that is rapidly taken up by plants and translocated within the plant.  Bayfidan…

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Patchwork bottle

Patchwork is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 250 g/L of the active ingredient Triadimenol. It is specifically registered for the control…

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Impala for web

Impala is formulated for broad spectrum control of fungal diseases in turf. The new active constituent triticonazole brings higher efficacy from…

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Prop 500

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Prop 500 Fungicide is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 500 g/L of the active ingredient Propiconazole. It is specifically registered for…

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Reserve Stressgard


Reserve Stressgard turf fungicide is a contact and protectant fungicide for the control of fungal diseases in turf. With the added benefit…

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Medallion Turf Fungicide


Medallion Turf Fungicide offers contact plus – exceptional spore busting capabilities on the leaf, in the thatch, and on the soil surface.…

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Chloronil Pro

Chloranil pro v2

Chloronil Pro Fungicide is a broad spectrum, contact or protectant fungicide for the control of a range of diseases fruit, vegetables…

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Dedicate Turf and Ornamental Fungicide

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Dedicate turf fungicide contains two active ingredients with two different modes of action, providing curative and preventative control. It has a…

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Shiba Bottle 5L

Shiba fungicide is a liquid suspendable concentrate of Tolclofos methyl 500g/L, and has been specifically registered for the treatment of Brown…

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Instrata 10L bottle

Instrata is an excellent choice for use in a preventative program or curatively after first symptoms are evident. The quick systemic…

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Headway Maxx


Headway Maxx combines the strength, longevity and broad spectrum of Heritage MAXX with the speed and early curative action of Banner…

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Daconil Weather Stik


Daconil Weather Stik is a contact fungicide that can be used in preventative programs. It can be used as an early…

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Banner Maxx


Banner Maxx is an excellent choice as an early curative treatment, providing systemic broad spectrum control of major turf diseases including…

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