Turzine Pro Ref #0MTURZ2


Turzine Pro is a unique selective turf broadleaf herbicide from Dow Agrosciences that revolutionises the turf manager’s approach to broadleaf weed control. Bringing two new actives to the Australian turf market, Turzine Pro contains 610g/kg Isoxaben and 40g/kg Florasulam for a unique, dual mode of action formulation combining group K and group B herbicides.

Turzine Pro contains both strong and reliable post-emergent as well as residual pre-emergent weed control properties and is safe for use over a wide range of turfgrass species.

Active:        610g/kg Isoxaben,  40g/kg Florasulam

Group:        O, B

Rate:            0.75-1kg per 100m²

Controls the following weed