Arsenal Super Herbicide is a low-volume knockdown and residual herbicide ideal for long-term grass and broadleaf weed control beside roads and in numerous other situations managed by councils.

Arsenal Super is the optimised formulation of a proven herbicide solution for non-crop situations where long-term vegetation management is required. It provides advanced and cost-effective control of unwanted vegetation for up to 6 months. Most effective as a standalone solution when used on bare earth or newly emerged weeds, Arsenal Super can be tank-mixed with glyphosate and other knockdown herbicides to control larger plants.

Arsenal's unique formulation provides greater active ingredient uptake, more effective translocation and superior rainfastness when compared to other herbicides. Arsenal Super is effective as a stand-alone solution and is also highly compatible with a broad range of herbicides.

Key Benefits of Arsenal Super Herbicide:
  • Cost-effective alternative to or mixing partner with glyphosate
  • High levels of grass and broadleaf weed control for up to 6 months
  • Provides long-term pre and post emeregnt control
  • Compatible with a range of other herbicides
  • Registered for high-volume (knapsack and handgun) as well as low-volume (boom) application
Versatility of Application with Arsenal Super Herbicide:

Arsenal Super is registered and suitable for use in a range of municipally managed situations, including:

  • along rail lines and roadways
  • around buildings
  • along firebreaks
  • along fence lines
  • within irrigation channels
  • in rights of way
  • on waste land

When applying as a foliar spray for post-emergent and residual control where significant weed biomass is present, water volumes of 1000 L/ ha are recommended to ensure adequate soil penetration.

Brand: BASF
Post-Emergent, Residual
Group B Herbicide
Product Form:
Liquid (Soluble Concentrate)
Weed: Barnyard Grass, Blackberry Nightshade, Blady Grass, Buckbush, Deadnettle, Fleabane, Johnson Grass, Liverseed Grass, London Rocket, Medics, Mintweed, Nutgrass, Patersons Curse, Prairie Grass, Purpletop, Ryegrass, Sow Thistle, Stinging Nettle, Summer Grass, Thornapple, Wild Oats, Wild Turnips, Wireweed
Application Rate: 3-6 L per ha
Active Ingredient: 240g/l imazapyr present as the isopropylamine salt
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