Ronstar is a herbicide that offers great weed control without root pruning. This selective, granular, pre-emergent herbicide controls certain weeds in woody ornamental shrubs and trees in nurseries.

It can also be used on a wide range of turf species. It does not affect root systems, offering a flexible approach to effective, economic weed control, giving faster plant establishment and growth.

Using a residual, pre-emergent herbicide can eliminate the need for multiple post-emergent herbicide applications.

Key features of Ronstar Turf and Ornamental Herbicide
  • Is not taken up by roots - does not affect root systems (no root-pruning) and is not translocated through the plant
  • High level of selectivity - allowing use in a wide range of ornamental species
  • Kills weeds prior to emergence from soil
  • Controls germinating weeds for up to 10 weeks giving season long weed control
  • Does not degrade after exposure to long periods to sunlight, therefore weed control is maintained for a long period
  • Oxadiazon becomes strongly bound to soil humic and clay particles and therefore does not leach from the soil under heavy irrigation or rainfall
  • Retains activity over a range of soil types, organic matter and pH
  • Degraded in soil via microbial pathways - research shows no evidence of build up of oxadiazon in soil after several annual applications
How to apply Ronstar

Ronstar should be applied using a properly calibrated granular applicator which will apply the granules in a uniform pattern producing a high standard of weed control. Calibrate according to the machinery manufacturers instructions and recheck the applicator at regular intervals to ensure equipment is performing properly. Overhead irrigation following application will improve weed control activity and distribute chemical evenly. Ronstar should not be applied to wet foliage.

Best practice guidelines

Apply to soil surface of newly potted or freshly weeded containers. Repeat applications may be made at 10 week intervals. Apply to freshly weeded flower beds. Repeat applications at 10 week intervals. Apply prior to germination of the weeds (usually from late summer to mid-autumn, February to May, and early spring, August to October), do not overwater pots (moving the particles around the soil surface). Remove granules from plant material via blowing or irrigation.

Please note that the registration of products to the Envu legal entity is currently in progress. In the meantime, Envu products will progressively transfer from Bayer to the Envu brand. You may observe product with packaging that belong to either Envu or Bayer during this transition.

Brand: Envu
Pre-Emergent, Residual
Group G Herbicide
Product Form:
Weed: Creeping Oxalis, Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, Wintergrass
Application Rate: 1.5-2kg per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 20g/kg Oxadiazon
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