Pennmag Turf Herbicide delivers effective control of various broadleaf weeds and grasses through an optimised formulation (S-metolachlor).

Pennmag has limited residual and does not affect new root development in turf production after harvesting or in sports field recovery after the winter season.

Key Benefits of Pennmag Turf Herbicide
  • Optimised S-metolachlor formulation with 35% more herbicidal activity
  • Pre-emergent control of various annual grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Safe to use on recovering turf
  • Minimal effect on new root development when growing back Buffalo Grass after harvesting and during recovery of sports fields after the winter season
  • Perfect rotation partner for Barricade Turf Herbicide
Application Timing

Pennmag can deliver up to 8 weeks of residual control when applied prior to weed emergence. High safety to newly developing turf grass roots give flexibility during the high risk periods of growing back harvested turf or recovering sports fields. Pennmag is an excellent programming partner with Barricade.

For example, during the turf production cycle, Pennmag can be applied to the cut face straight after harvesting to ensure that regrowth for the first 6 weeks is without the competition of weeds.

Another example is that after winter sports have left a sportsfield surface in a vulnerable state, Pennmag can be applied in early spring to aid with surface recovery in the short term. A follow up application of Barricade can provide season long protection.

For full application details, please consult the product label.

Formulation and Packaging

20L pack size

An emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation with minimal odour and non-staining properties.

Brand: Syngenta
Group K Herbicide
Product Form:
Liquid (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
Weed: Barnyard Grass, Burr Medic, Crowsfoot Grass, Liverseed Grass, Pigweed, Ryegrass, Summer Grass, Wintergrass
Application Rate: 20 mL per 100 m²
Active Ingredient: 960g/L s-metolachlor
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