Fairy Ring

Causal Agent: Basidiomycetes in the order Agaricales are capable of causing Fairy Rings.
The most common ones in Australia are; Lycoperdon; Marasmius; Tricholoma; however there are over 50 causal agents of this fungus.

Susceptible Turfgrasses: Occurs in all turfgrasses.


  • Fairy Ring symptoms vary with causal agents (fungal species).

  • Circular or arc shaped rings of darker or faster-growing turf appears in moist turf.

  • A concentric ring of dead grass may develop inside the circle of lush grass.

  • The size of the rings can vary from a few centimetres to indefinitely large.

  • Activity in the turf stops when the individual rings come into contact with each other.

  • Mushrooms or toadstools may be produced in the outer ring of lush growth.

  • As mycelium grows the soil becomes hydrophobic.

  • In a mature Fairy Ring, the outer ring of lush grass may be missing, leaving an outer ring of plant death and an inner ring of green turf.

Conditions Favouring Disease

  • Fairy Rings are more severe on light soils, which have low fertility and low moisture content.

  • Turf with a significant thatch layer.

  • Drier areas have significantly more Fairy Rings than higher rainfall areas.

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