Creeping Oxalis

Botanical name: Oxalis corniculata

A perennial creeping, rhizomatous dicot, often mat forming with a prostrate growth habit. Oxalis possesses light green, heart shaped trifoliate leaves which can often be mistaken for clover, although the leaves are much smaller at around 4mm long and are typically a lighter, lime green in colour. Possesses small woody taproots that can make control of the weed difficult due to that plants ability to regenerate from subterranean vegetative parts. The flowers appear in spring and summer and are small, about 3-4mm across and are bright yellow in colour with five petals. When seeds mature pods explode spreading seeds 3 meters or more and causing the weed to proliferate rapidly.

Products to Use Creeping Oxalis

Bioweed Organic Herbicide


Bioweed Organic is a new generation in knockdown and pre-emergent weed control.  Australian certified organic, NASAA certified organic and APVMA approved.…

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3D Herbicide

3-D packshot

3D Herbicide is for the control of Mullumbimby Couch and Broadleaf Weeds in Turf as per the Directions for Use It…

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Triple Time

Triple Time 20L HR

Triple Time is a three way combination herbicide to provide broad spectrum control of broadleaf weeds. Triple Time’s formulation is effectively…

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Jolt Bottle 10L

Jolt provides outstanding control of the major broadleaf weeds in turf, containing a unique three way mixture in a low odour…

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Ronstar 400x400

Ronstar is a herbicide that offers great weed control without root pruning.  This selective, granular, pre-emergent herbicide controls certain weeds in…

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OxaMax 18 10 9

OxaMAX contains the active constituent 10g/L Oxadiazon and the added benefits of a fertiliser containing an N:P:K of 18-10-9. This combination…

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Double Time

Double Time 5L green

Double Time broad spectrum selective herbicide offers reliable control of Clovers and a wide range of broadleaf weeds in most turf…

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Casper is a selective post-emergent herbicide specifically formulated for use on turf. Casper contains the active constituents 50% Dicamba and 5%…

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Bronco MA-X

Bronco MAX

Bronco MA-X is a selective herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in a range of situations including cereals, linseed, grass…

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