African Black Beetle

Scientific Name: Heteronychus arator

Order: Coleoptera


Larvae are a White to creamy-white, soft bodied curl grub up to 25mm long. Three sets of legs with a hard, light brown head capsule. Mature/adult beetles are shiny jet-black scarab beetle up to 15mm long with serrated front legs.

Biology and Lifecycle

The female beetle can lay up to 80 eggs that hatch in 2-5 weeks, depending on temperature the larvae develop through 3 stages. The first instar feeds on decaying organic matter, and as they grow they begin feeding on plant roots. The fully grown larvae (3rd instar) are about 25mm long, creamy white in colour, curled up with 3 pairs of legs. When the larvae are fully grown they build an oval chamber, empty the hind gut and become a pre-pupae. After about a week the pre-pupae develop into pupae. The pupae develop into adult beetles after 1-3 months and emerge after rain or irrigation.

Products to Use African Black Beetle

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