FoliMAX Amino + Ref #123654


FoliMAX Amino + is a unique combination of amino acids derived from enzymatically digested plant protein, Vitamin B1 for improved root growth and disease resistance, and plant growth promoters for optimising plant response in times of stress.

Key benefits of FoliMAX Amino +
• Strengthens your fertility program, maximises root development and uptake and utilisation of applied nutrients.
• Ideal for use during or prior to stress periods.
• Excellent for use following disease activity, to kick-start metabolism and protect against further infection.
• Increases soil microbial life, and improve organic matter breakdown and soil structure.
• Ideal for tank mix application with liquid or soluble trace elements for improved uptake.
• Excellent tank mix flexibility.
Can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of plant nutrition, wetting agent and plant protection products.

Analysis: Amino Acids, Vitamin B1, Fructose & Growth Promoters


100-200 mL/100 square metres