Amitrole T provides non-selective control on a range annuals, biennials and perennial weeds. Amitrole T is particularly useful as a rotational herbicide for use with Glyphosate. The product has also been registered for use in aquatic environments. Amitrole T is particularly strong on broadleaf weeds, however it also has very significant activity on smaller grasses when used at higher rates.

Features and Benefits of Amitrole T

• Unique Group Q chemistry provides an effective alternative to glyphosate
• Effective control on hard to kill broadleaf weeds such as fleabane, sowthistle, bladder ketmia and volunteer cotton
• Cost effective weed control when applied using OSST, targeted application
• No or short plantbacks depending on crop and use pattern


2-4.5L/100L water

Controls the following weed