Esplanade Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that offers long-lasting control of over 30 species of annual grass and broadleaf weeds and sedges at a low application rate.

Esplanade is used primarily in vegetation management (VM) applications such as railroads, utility substations and roadside rights-of-way, among others.

Esplanade may also be used pre-plant and post-plant for weed control in forestry plantations.

Long-term residual control with a lower use rate

Developed for the vegetation management industry, Esplanade is ideal for use in non-crop areas including railways, roadsides, rights-of-way, powerlines, airports, public utilities, fence lines and natural area regeneration. Esplanade is advancing weed control.

Esplanade is unlike anything else on the market; a pre-emergent herbicide that features a new mode of action, providing effective, long-lasting control.

Benefits & features of using Esplanade herbicide
  • Convenient and easy to use packaging
  • Odourless and non-staining to surfaces
  • Up to 60 times less active ingredient on the ground compared to some competitor products. Delivers a more environmentally sustainable solution for you and your customers
  • Applied at low use rate 150 mL/ha and formulated as a 500 g/L suspension concentrate (SC)
  • Less post-emergent herbicide applications results in reduced labour and fuel costs
  • Long-term residual control on over 30 grass and broadleaf weed species
Solution for tough weeds
  • Superior broad-spectrum control of over 30 weed species, including annual grasses & broadleaf weeds
  • Esplanade Herbicide will give residual control even on tough to manage weeds like resistant Annual ryegrass, Fleabane, Veldt grass
  • Unique mode of action helps manage herbicide resistance and plays an integral role in an integrated weed management strategy
Application rate and delivery

Apply Esplanade uniformly using a calibrated sprayer, prior to weed seed germination. Uniform application is essential for satisfactory weed control. Always use a tank mix partner, such as Roundup Biactive®, when weeds are present.

Please note that the registration of products to the Envu legal entity is currently in progress. In the meantime, Envu products will progressively transfer from Bayer to the Envu brand. You may observe product with packaging that belong to either Envu or Bayer during this transition.

Brand: Envu
Pre-Emergent, Residual
Group O Herbicide
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Application Rate: 1.5mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 500g/L Indaziflam
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