Exonerate Herbicide is a soluble liquid formulation of glufosinate ammonium 200 g/L that provides consistent and cost effective weed control in commercial and industrial areas and rights of way situations.

Exonerate Herbicide is formulated as a convenient, easy to handle liquid and can be tank-mixed with other herbicides to assist in the speed of knockdown and even wider weed control spectrum

Exonerate is registered to control over 80 species of grasses and broadleaved weeds.

Key features of Exonerate Herbicide
  • Broad Spectrum Weed Control
  • Exonerate is a soluble liquid formulation that is compatible with most commonly herbicides used in non-crop situations
  • Exonerate Herbicide is an ideal product for path and garden edging or footpath and curbside edging
  • Ideal Resistance Management tool
Key benefits of Exonerate Herbicide
  • Controls over 80 grass and broadleaf weeds
  • Exonerate can be tank mixed to target both knockdown and residual weed control in the one pass allowing to manage harder to kill weeds and save time and application costs
  • One product will cover a large range of turf species
  • Reduces reliance on Glyphosate. Exonerate Herbicide can be used as a rotational tool
Brand: Adama
Group N Herbicide
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Weed: Barley Grass, Barnyard Grass, Blady Grass, Brome Grass, Capeweed, Cobbler’s Pegs, Common Couch, Crowsfoot Grass, Deadnettle, Fumitory, Johnson Grass, Liverseed Grass, Medics, Mintweed, Patersons Curse, Pigweed, Prairie Grass, Ryegrass, Saffron Thistle, Stinging Nettle, Summer Grass, Variegated Thistle, White Clover, Wild Oats, Wireweed, Amaranthus
Application Rate: 500mL-6L
Active Ingredient: 200g/L Glufosinate-ammonium
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