Botanical name: Poa annua


A grassy winter annual with perennial and biennial bio-types observed in some regions. Light green in colour with a tufted growth habit and a white panicle inflorescence germinating from late winter throughout spring and summer. Leaf blades possess a folded venation with a long ligule and boat shaped leaf tips that curl up at the ends.A highly adaptive weed that can thrive in shaded areas and full sun depending on moisture conditions. Tolerates low mowing heights and can persist in golf greens all year round. Plants reach maturity quickly and seed profusely making them an aggressive weed that can be difficult to control.

Products to Use Wintergrass


Freehand Herbicide_2D

Freehand is a pre-emergent weed control of broadleaf and grassy weeds.  Its unique active ingredients prevent weeds from growing and multiplying by…

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poachek pack

Poachek is for the selective control of annual winter grass in blue couch, common couch, bent, buffalo grass, and brown top…

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pennmagg packshot

Pennmag Turf Herbicide delivers effective control of various broadleaf weeds and grasses through an optimised formulation (S-metolachlor). Pennmag has limited residual and does…

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Quali-Pro Negate

Quali-Pro Negate Packshot 2

Quali-Pro Negate is a unique dual powered post-emergent for grassy and broadleaf weed control in established warm season turf grass. Suitable…

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XTRON 700WG Herbicide

Xtron for www

XTRON 700WG Herbicide from Arysta Life Sciences is an innovative new herbicide that is a game changer in the fight against Wintergrass…

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Dimension EW

DEW bottle

Dimension EW Herbicide is unique water based, solvent free, non-staining and low odour formulation. Dimension EW offers outstanding pre and post…

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Pronamide Green 2 sizes

Pronamide is a 50% Propyzamide formulation, providing a highly effective pre and post emergent control of Winter Grass. Pronamide offers unique…

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Ethic 480

Ethic 480 Mock bottle

Ethic 480 is a plant growth regulator containing 480g/L of the active ingredient Ethephon. It is registered for the control of…

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Specticle pack shot1

Specticle is a selective, pre-emergent herbicide that provides residual control of certain grass weeds on established warm-season turf. Specticle controls weeds by…

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Armoury Herbicide

Armoury Cropped

Armoury Herbicide is the ideal knockdown and residual control of various annual and perennial weeds in non-crop, commercial, industrial, public service…

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Meteor 5L bottle LR

Meteor Herbicide from Amgrow is a new generation pre-emergent herbicide containing 960 g/L of the active ingredient metolachlor. Meteor Herbicide provides up…

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Organix Weed Blitz

Weed Blitz 15L

Organix Weed Blitz is a BFA certified organic product, offering a new generation of knockdown and pre-emergent weed control. The plant…

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Tribute 400x400

Tribute herbicide is one of the most effective post emergence herbicide available to control cool season grasses and Crowsfoot Grass in Couchgrass. Tribute is…

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Ronstar 400x400

Ronstar is a herbicide that offers great weed control without root pruning.  This selective, granular, pre-emergent herbicide controls certain weeds in…

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Pendi-Pro 22-0-5

Pendi pro for www

Pendi-Pro is a combination herbicide and premium controlled release fertiliser for the pre-emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass, crabgrass, and crowsfoot grass…

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Pendant v2

Pendant is a pre-emergent herbicide providing economical control of Summer Grass, Crowsfoot and Winter Grass in a range of turf management…

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OxaMax 18 10 9

OxaMAX contains the active constituent 10g/L Oxadiazon and the added benefits of a fertiliser containing an N:P:K of 18-10-9. This combination…

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Nomineee HR Use this one

Nominee is a post-emergent herbicide that will selectively control Winter Grass (Poa annua) and suppress Winter Grass seedheads in Bent Grass…

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Monument Liquid Group 1L_rgb

Monument herbicide provides post emergent control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass, Bindii, Clover, Mullumbimby Couch, Burr Medic and Nutgrass and suppression of…

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Embargo is a pre-emergent herbicide providing good residual performance on Winter Grass, Annual Ryegrass, Summer Grass and Crowsfoot in a range…

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Coliseum New 2015

Coliseum provides post-emergent control of Winter Grass in Couch turf surfaces. Active        250g/kg Rimsulfuron Group       …

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Barricade is a pre-emergent herbicide offering extended residual activity on Winter Grass, Summer Grass, Crowsfoot on a range of turf surfaces.…

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