Curvularia Leaf Spot

Causal Agent: Curvularia spp.

Susceptible Turfgrasses: Wintergrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Bentgrass, Fescue, Couch.


  • Individual leaves initially show yellow and green dapple patterns that extend downwards from the leaf tip.

  • Infected leaves turn brown, then grey as they shrivel and die.

  • Irregular shaped patches of thinned turf appear, often coalescing to affect larger areas.

  • Stolons and leaf sheaths may also rot.

Conditions Favouring Disease

  • Curvularia Leaf Spot occurs in areas that experience prolonged leaf wetness for several consecutive days.

  • Curvularia occurs at temperatures, 25 to 35°C.

  • Soil compaction and excessive levels of nitrogen and thatch.

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