Causal Agent: Bipolaris spp.

Susceptible Turfgrasses: Warm season turfgrasses.


  • Irregularly shaped brownish green to black lesions may appear.

  • Severely infected leaves begin to die back turning tan to dark brown.

  • Irregularly shaped patches of infected foliage may range from 5cm to 1m in size.

  • Chlorosis may occur in infected foliage before the leaf turns brown.

  • Extensive crown and root rot may occur in severe infections.

  • Plants may lose vigour, becoming weak and flaccid.

Conditions Favouring Disease

  • Foliar blight and lesions occur during cool, wet periods from autumn to spring.

  • Crown and root rots may occur in warm humid weather throughout summer.

  • Possesses a wide temperature range of activity depending on the Bipolaris species.

  • More than 10 hours a day of leaf wetness for several consecutive days.

  • Poor air movement (high humidity in the micro-climate).

  • Excessive nitrogen fertiliser.

  • Excessive thatch and loose leaf clippings provide a source of food for the fungus.

  • Any stress situation such as drought, herbicide injury or heavy traffic can increase the severity of the disease.

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