Striker Wintersport is your perfect combination of speed and density for good establishment and wear tolerance during the winter months.

Striker Wintersport has been designed specifically for use on sportsfields such as AFL, soccer, rugby and school grounds. This fine leaf ryegrass blend has very fast germination thanks to Journey ryegrass, and is complemented with high wear and recovery characteristics of Pinnacle III and Barorlando continental ryegrasses. It is also an excellent choice for revitalising council and school football grounds.

Striker Wintersport has an attractive dark green colour and is suitable for use on permanent cool season grounds or to oversow warm season fields for winter wear. This seed blend can germinate in low temperatures making it suitable for quick repair work or preparation for finals.

Key features of Striker Wintersport
  • High winter growth and wear
  • Excellent density – leading to high wear
  • Good winter growth – allowing for good recovery after wear
  • Good disease resistance
Key benefits of Striker Wintersport
  • Very fast out of the ground – short return to training in autumn
  • Fine-leafed and med-dark green colour providing excellent visual appeal
Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Application Rate: 3-5kg per 100m²
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