Wintersport is a specially selected blend of both diploid and tetraploid perennial ryegrasses looking to create a combination that delivers durability in performance and versatility of use. Offering strong presentation with a resilience to deal with a range of situations and climates, this sportsfield specialist has genuinerange and flex in its offer.

Suitable for council fields, schools, parks and reserves, and amenity areas.

Composition of Wintersport Turf Seed
  • Esquire diploid
  • Aspire diploid
  • Karma diploid
  • Double tetraploid
Key features of Wintersport Turf Seed
  • Establishment speed
  • Generous colour
  • Strong disease resistance
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Good turf density
Key benefits of Wintersport Turf Seed
  • Ability to sow early or late
  • Quick to get up and fast to establish
  • Responsive when given short seeding windows
  • Strong reliable colour – no dilution within the blend
  • Drought tolerance from enhanced root mass of the tetraploid
  • Surface stability from the tetraploid root system
Surface Type:
Application Rate: 2-4kg per 100m²
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