Crystal Blue Links has a semi-erect growth habit, aggressive recovery and great disease resistance making it an excellent choice for greens. It maintains very good winter colour, quick spring green-up, heat and cold tolerance, and has shown unmatched exceptional shade tolerance.

Crystal Blue Links comes in Barenbrug’s tailored seed coat AgriCOTE which enhances seedling establishment and reduces Pythium outbreaks in early establishment.

Key features
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Great heat and cold tolerance
  • Excellent shade tolerance
  • Combines brown patch and dollar spot resistance
  • Brilliant blue-green colour
  • AgriCOTE enhanced
Important Note for WA and TAS Orders:

Due to strict quarantine regulations, please contact us to purchase seeds for delivery to WA or TAS.

If you place a seed order to WA or TAS without the required quarantine certificate, your order may be refunded by our Customer Support team.

Key benefits
  • Excellent surface where salt an issue
  • Better coverage where greens are shaded
  • Protection from diseases during established

Bentgrass greens for golf greens and fairways.

About AgriCOTE

AgriCOTE enhanced seed provides:

  • Fungicide protection
  • Insecticide protection
  • Wetting agent
  • Trace elements

Providing you with:

  • Better water use efficiency
  • Improved establishment
  • Uniform seeding and better overall turf quality
  • Reduced pest damage
  • Fungicide for additional pythium protection

Improve your greens with Barenbrug AgriCOTE bentgrass.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Golf Greens, Golf Fairways
Application Rate: 3-5 kg per 100m²
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