Striker Regenerator has been designed to give end users ‘the best of both worlds’. Using revolutionary mobile technology, it has superior wear tolerance and regeneration compared to other grasses thanks to the unique pseudo-stolons of Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR). Combined with Premier 3, the blend offers some fast germination, dense tillering, good colour and shoot quality.

Striker Regenerator is composed of a blend of RPR and Premier 3
  • RPR - Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass is the first perennial ryegrass having the specific characteristic of spreading horizontally via determinate stolons #Strong as Iron. This characteristic makes RPR many times stronger than other types of perennial ryegrass, while also growing at the same rate. And the result is a regenerating perennial ryegrass with the highest wear tolerance that is perfect for use in sports pitches eg. Blundstone Stadium Tasmania.
  • Trialled in Australia, Premier 3 has proven excellent turf performance in independent trials conducted by John Neylan. Premier 3 was #2 performer on combined turf performance statistics, and an improvement over the original Premier II. This variety has high endophyte, deep green colour, very dense tillering and strong disease tolerance. It is highly recommended for all high end sports use throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Key benefits of Striker Regenerator
  • Two of the best Premier 3 and RPR
  • This mix allows for heavy wear tolerance and longer hours of use
  • Ideally suited for long term sports fields and golf tees with recovery post games
  • Less overseeding costs and worn out areas
Key features of Striker Regenerator
  • Excellent wear tolerance!
  • Revolutionary perennial ryegrass with stolons!
  • Extremely strong and fast turf
  • Medium to dark-green colour with beautiful leaf texture
  • High endophyte providing excellent disease and insect resistance
Recommended surfaces for Striker Regenerator
  • Permanent cool season grounds
  • Oversowing warm season bermudagrass fields
  • Football/soccer and rugby pitches in Australia and NZ
  • Golf tees, fairways and surrounds
  • Landscaping and home lawns
Important Note for WA and TAS Orders:

Due to strict quarantine regulations, please contact us to purchase seeds for delivery to WA or TAS.

If you place a seed order to WA or TAS without the required quarantine certificate, your order may be refunded by our Customer Support team.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Application Rate: New field: 400–500kg/ha | Oversowing bermudagrass: 250–500kg/ha
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