Black Label Starter 18-10-9 is a premium, controlled release, 350SGN sports turf fertiliser formulated and blended in Australia, for use on professional turf surfaces.

Containing Phosphorus with a balance of up front and controlled release nitrogen and readily available potassium Black Label Starter will support and enhance early growth stages of seeded turf to accelerate the establishment phase and set the foundation for a resilient turf sward.

Why Black Label Fertilisers?

The Black Label range of professional granular fertilisers has been developed to accommodate the needs of turf managers in every turf maintenance scenario. Refined over many years, Nuturf’s Black Label range has continuously evolved to harness the latest turf nutrition technologies available including multiple forms of controlled and slow-release nitrogen for any situation.

  • Proudly Australian made for local conditions
  • Multiple forms of nitrogen
  • Multiple forms of potassium
  • Varying granule sizes for any sportsturf application
  • Added minor elements for plant health benefits
  • Multiple formulations to suit your situation
About the Black Label Nutrition Range

The Black Label fertilisers are highly economical, ever predictable, and proven options that meet a whole suite of needs in a logical manner. This range seeks to address all the fundamental requirements of turfgrass management. No fuss – just effective.

  • Well-rounded no fuss formulations
  • Varying nitrogen release technologies
  • A broad array of controlled release options
  • Standard 300-350SGN for high-cut turf situations
Brand: Black Label
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 17.8% N, 9.6% P, 8.7% K
Application Rate: 2.75 kg/100m²
Particle Size: SGN 350
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