As turfgrass is subject to pests such as weeds, diseases and insects, it is imperative to understand the best methods of controlling these factors in order to mitigate the damage caused. Maintaining the best pest management program involves regular mon... Read More

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Midas Turf Fungicide
500g/kg Boscalid

Midas turf fungicide is effective against all strains of dollar spot, including those resistant to other chemistry classes making it the ultimate solution for effective, long-term dollar spot control.

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Stomp Xtra Herbicide
455g/L Pendimethalin

A selective pre-emergent herbicide for the control of wireweed, annual grasses (including annual ryegrass) and certain broadleafed weeds in various crops.

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Primo MAXX II Turf Growth Regulator
116.39 g/L Trinexapac-Ethyl

Primo Maxx II turf growth regulator is a new generation, new and improved formulation of the active ingredient - trinexapac-ethyl. Primo MAXX II is a turf growth regulator that improves turf thickness, uniformity and health, providing a...

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Bow & Arrow Herbicide
Active: 20 g/L clopyralid, 15 g/L diflufenican, 300 g/L MCPA

Bow & Arrow Herbicide is the standard for broadleaf weed control in the Australian turf industry. The effect of Bow & Arrow Herbicide is slower than other broadleaf herbicides but the ultimate result is more effective, with no...

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A broad spectrum herbicide for the control of a range of annual and perennial weeds in a range of commercial and industrial situations.

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Terrazole 350 WP

Terrazole 350 WP is an effective soil fungicide for prevention and control of damping-off, root rot and stem diseases caused by pythium and phytophthora species in ornamentals and turf.

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Fusilade Forte 128 EC Herbicide
128g/L fluazifop-P

Fusilade Forte 128 EC is a highly effective and rapidly absorbed selective herbicide designed to control both annual and perennial grasses. Fusilade Forte maintains all the benefits of Fusilade FC plus the unique ‘isolink’...

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BiForce Granular Insecticide

Biforce Granular Insecticide is a convenient, ready to use contact residual granular insecticide for external control of ants, fleas and ticks in areas such as gardens, lawns, around BBQs and other external surrounds of buildings and...

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Starane Advanced

For the control of noxious weeds in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait

Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait contains Iron EDTA complex manufactured in Australia. Eradicate works by interfering with the oxygen carrier so the snails and slugs die from lack of oxygen. The snails and slugs move away from the bait back...

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Merit Turf and Ornamental Insecticide

For the control of first instar larvae of African black beetle, Argentinian scarab and pruinose scarab and the control of billbug larvae in turf situations.

Registered for a wide range of sap sucking insects in ornamental situations.

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Finesse Selective Miticide
110 g/L Etoxazole

Finesse uses a mite growth regulator and does not kill adult couch mites, but sterilises adult females, prevents egg hatch, and kills larvae and nymphs as they moult, controlling the mite population before it has a chance to establish.

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BlightBan Fungicide
600g/L Propamocarb

BlightBAN Fungicide, containing 600g/L Propamocarb, is registered for the control of Pythium in a range of turfand ornamental plant applications.

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