Bealey is a very late flowering tetraploid perennial ryegrass, ideal for cool season tracks. Independent trials conducted at Moonee Valley racetrack in Melbourne showed, Bealey was clearly the best performer of all the grasses trialled, including competitor varieties and mixes such as Pharlap.
Bealey ryegrass has proven to provide significant extra winter growth, excellent root development and a darker attractive colour. Over a full year of trialling it was concluded, Bealey was the #1 choice for racetrack winter performance, recovery and presentation.

Key Features

  • Early upright growth – Bealey is a tetraploid ryegrass making it faster out of the ground than conventional ryegrasses
  • Winter growth – Proven better winter growth and recovery compared to competitor options. This will improve your track presentation during key winter and spring periods
  • Root structure and growth – Bealey has excellent root structure which aids how your track performs in wet conditions
  • Deep dark colour – Bealey has a deeper darker green colour than conventional ryegrasses which will help improve the visual appeal of your track