Premier 3 Ryegrass is a proven performer for Australian sportsfields and wicket tables. Premier 3 is a versatile grass with an excellent dark green colour and a fine leaf blade. It forms a very dense wear tolerant turf and displays great adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions.

Premier 3 establishes quickly to allow areas to be back in play in short periods of time. It performs equally well in low or high mowing regimes, and is adaptable to a wide range of management practices. Premier 3 has good shade tolerance and its dense, carpet-like sod characteristic is a desirable quality of Premier 3.

Key features of Premier 3 Ryegrass
  • Big brother to Premier II, #2 performer in independent trials (29 grasses including Mediterranean)
  • Top germination speed
  • Strong perennial growth habit
  • Leading turf visual quality (#2 ranking for all turf quality)
  • Dense continental characteristics leading to wear tolerance
  • Well suited to couch or kikuyu oversowing
  • Excellent disease and heat tolerance
Key benefits of Premier 3 Ryegrass
  • Proven wear tolerance
  • Attractive deep, green colour
  • Strong disease resistance
  • Fast establishment
Management of Premier 3 Ryegrass

Premier 3 is well suited to all temperate and sub-tropical regions of Australia. It performs best on well drained, fertile soils and is suitable for oversowing Bermuda grass, providing good seed to soil contact. This strong performing ryegrass makes it suitable for long-term turf surfaces and summer cricket events with irrigation.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Sportsfields, Cricket Wickets
Application Rate: 3-5 kg per 100m²
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