Botanical name: Digitaria spp.

A summer annual grassy weed with a aggressive spreading growth habit. Summergrass leaves are of a green-yellow colour with light purple or white sheaths at the stem base and a membranous ligule. Seed heads appear throughout spring, summer and autumn and consist of multiple small, finger-like spikes radiating from a central point and covered in tiny black seeds. Propagated from seed as well as stolons.


Products to Use Summergrass


Tupersan rough mock up

Tupersan is a unique selective herbicide for the effective eradication of Couch, Kikuyu and Summer Grass from Bent Grass turf. Tupersan’s…

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Dimension EW

DEW bottle

Dimension EW Herbicide is unique water based, solvent free, non-staining and low odour formulation.  Dimension EW offers outstanding pre and post…

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Specticle pack shot1

SPECTICLE is a selective, pre-emergent herbicide that provides residual control of certain grass weeds on established warm-season turf. Specticle controls weeds…

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Meteor 5L bottle LR

Meteor Herbicide from Amgrow is a new generation pre-emergent herbicide containing 960 g/L of the active ingredient metolachlor. Meteor Herbicide provides up…

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Organix Weed Blitz

Weed Blitz 15L

Organix Weed Blitz is a BFA certified organic product, offering a new generation of knockdown and pre-emergent weed control. The plant…

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Ronstar 400x400

Ronstar is a herbicide that offers great weed control without root pruning.  This selective, granular, pre-emergent herbicide controls certain weeds in…

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Pendi- Pro 22 – 0 – 5

Pendi pro for www

A Combination Herbicide And Controlled Release Fertiliser For Pre-Emergence Control Of Wintergrass, Summergrass, Crab Grass, And Crowsfoot In Turf And Feeding…

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Pendant v2

Pendant is a pre-emergent herbicide providing economical control of Summer Grass, Crowsfoot and Winter Grass in a range of turf management…

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OxaMax 18 10 9

OxaMAX contains the active constituent 10g/L Oxadiazon and the added benefits of a fertiliser containing an N:P:K of 18-10-9. This combination…

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Monopoly for www

Monopoly is a post-emergent herbicide registered for the selective control of Crabgrass, Summergrass and Paspalum in turfgrass situations. Monopoly also provides…

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Embargo is a pre-emergent herbicide providing good residual performance on Winter Grass, Annual Ryegrass, Summer Grass and Crowsfoot in a range…

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DSMA Clear

No image bottle

DSMA Clear provides effective control of Paspalum, Summer Grass, Mullumbimby Couch and other sedges in Common Couch, Bent and Fescue lawns.…

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Drive XL

Drive BASF

Drive XL post-emergent herbicide, safely and effectively controls White Clover and Summergrass. Drive XL is also registered for suppression of Kikuyu…

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Barricade is a pre-emergent herbicide offering extended residual activity on Winter Grass, Summer Grass, Crowsfoot on a range of turf surfaces.…

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