Botanical name: Lolium perenne


A cool season perennial grass with a tufted growth habit and glossy dark green leaves which are often purplish at the base. Perennial ryegrass possesses a membranous ligule with a folded venation and characteristic, claw-like auricles. The seed head appears in spring and early summer as a long narrow spike with a long cluster of small dark seeds at the top. Ryegrass can be a challenging weed to control in turf due to its tolerance of close mowing heights and resistance to many herbicides. Its dark green colour also makes it a desirable turf variety in some parts of the country.

Products to Use Ryegrass

Arsenal® Super

arsenal packshot 2

Arsenal® Super is the latest, optimised formulation of a proven herbicide solution for non-crop situations where long-term vegetation management is required. Arsenal…

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pennmagg packshot

Pennmag Turf Herbicide delivers effective control of various broadleaf weeds and grasses through an optimised formulation (S-metolachlor). Pennmag has limited residual and does…

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Quali-Pro Negate

Quali-Pro Negate Packshot 2

Quali-Pro Negate is a unique dual powered post-emergent for grassy and broadleaf weed control in established warm season turf grass. Suitable…

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BASTA bayer 20L

Basta is a broad-spectrum weed control with a high level of crop safety. If you need to control weeds in grapevines…

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Armoury Herbicide

Armoury Cropped

Armoury Herbicide is the ideal knockdown and residual control of various annual and perennial weeds in non-crop, commercial, industrial, public service…

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Tribute 400x400

Tribute herbicide is one of the most effective post emergence herbicide available to control cool season grasses and Crowsfoot Grass in Couchgrass. Tribute is…

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Monument Liquid Group 1L_rgb

Monument herbicide provides post emergent control of Winter Grass, Ryegrass, Bindii, Clover, Mullumbimby Couch, Burr Medic and Nutgrass and suppression of…

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Embargo is a pre-emergent herbicide providing good residual performance on Winter Grass, Annual Ryegrass, Summer Grass and Crowsfoot in a range…

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Destiny 400x400

Destiny® is a selective turf herbicide that offers selective grass and broadleaf weed control. It is based on the active ingredient…

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