Sumi Mark II is cost effective, compact and runs on a low operating pressure and flow rate. Sumi Mark II is SumiSoaker's little brother.

Sumi Mark II is ideal where:

  • there is limited operating pressure
  • furrows or hilled beds
  • need to only water a 5m width
  • it is to be left in a semi-permanent position as the hose can be cut to suit
  • as a drip or spray irrigation as it can be used in either form just by adjusting the water pressure
  • or you're simply looking for a lightwight cost effective watering unit.
Key features and benefits of the Sumi Mark II
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre - 100m unit weighs about 5kgs
  • Water an area of up to 500m² - equivalent to a full-sized tennis court
  • Cost efficient to operate - Sumi Mark II is cost effective and can be used in semi permanent positions if needed
  • Low operating pressure - Low operating pressure and flow rate requirements reduce running costs. Max operating pressure is 80kpa (11.6psi)
  • Variable length - Using the unique sliding stopper
  • Filtration system - Sumi Mark II is available with a special inline filter
  • Fine, soft droplets - Maximises ground soakage and minimises run off
  • Multiple uses - Like all Sumi Hoses, the Sumi Mark II has a whole range of uses and applications including:
    • Gardening: Domestic, commercial or council/government
    • Schools: Ag plots, gardens and sporting fields
    • Vegetables: Flat furrowed or hilled beds
    • Nurseries: Indoor and outdoor
Brand: Sumi Soaker



Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure**:

80kpa (0.8kg/cm²), 11.6 psi

Required Flow Rate

per Metre:

0.5 litres per metre of hose per minute

Required flow rate/50m

25 litres per minute

Required flow rate/100m

48 litres per minute

Coverage at Optimum Pressure and Flow Rate:


(2.5m either side of hose)

Water Application Rate (at max. pressure and

max. flow rate):

Equivalent to 4mm/hour of rain

Dimensions and Weight:

30mm diameter / 4kg weight


Coverage Area:

Rectangular. Up to 500m² (5m wide x 100m long). Equivalent to a full sized tennis court.

Hose Connection:

Supplied fitted to 12mm (1/2”) tap nut

Operating Length:

Adjustable operating length using sliding stopper

Tube Width (Flat):


Tube Diameter (Inflated):


Number of Holes:

4 holes/320mm of tube


Special black polyethylene


181 micrometer = 100 mesh

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