The Turf Contractor 525 from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment is a dump box that’s ideal for grounds and turf management applications. With tires designed specifically for turf, heavy loads are distributed evenly, protecting your turf.

The 525 model features a 2-yard, 5,000 lb. capacity, and will hold up under all working conditions, from turf and grounds management to construction and landscaping projects.

A 4,000 lb. tractor is recommended.

Key benefits of Turf Contractor 525
  • Easy to manoeuvre and all functions are controlled from the tractor seat
  • Removable sides and tailgate
  • Even ground pressure to protect turf
  • Turns with no scrubbing
Key features of Turf Contractor 525

Standard features:

  • Automatic tail gate
  • Jack stand
  • A-Frame construction
  • 4-wheel walking beam axles
  • 16” removable sides

Optional features:

  • 2 or 4 wheel brakes
Brand: Dakota
Surface Type: Golf courses, race tracks
Capacity 2 yds / 5,000 lbs
Box dimensions         55" x 84.5"
Overall length 140"
Width 79"
Floor height 32.5"
Weight 1,940 lbs
Tyres 26.5" x 14" x 12"

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