AmendMAX Sure Start Fertiliser is a specially designed planting fertiliser containing slow release and organic nutrients, wetting agent, humic acid, rain saver water crystals & beneficial microbes.

AmendMAX Sure Start Fertiliser optimises water efficiency and nutrition for good root and shoot growth during plant development and establishment.

AmendMAX Sure Start is a unique product which combines two well known and proven technologies; bio enhanced fertilisers and water storage crystals.

AmendMAX Sure Start comes in the form of small granular particles. This small particle size ensures a more even spread of product in the area to be treated. This is essential when the root system is still developing and is not capable of drawing nutrients from a wide area of soil.

Key benefits of AmendMAX Sure Start Fertiliser
  • Contains six mutually beneficial elements to give plants the best start in life
  • Reduced Irrigation - the unique combination of soil surfactants and water storage crystals gives the ultimate in water conservation. The soil wetting agent will ensure an even spread of soil moisture throughout the root zone and will reduce surface run off.
  • Longer and stronger root system - a constant availability of water and plant nutrients ensures development of better root systems assisted by utilising advanced microbiological technology to produce root stimulating chemicals which further strengthen and expand the root system.
  • Reduced fertiliser needs - the blend of slow release chemical and organic nutrients will continue to feed plants throughout the establishment period, while the readily available nutrients give an initial growth burst.
  • Quicker plant establishment - by constantly providing adequate moisture and plant nutrients AmendMAX Sure Start will promote quicker plant establishment than using water storage crystals alone.
  • In potting mixes - suitable for incorporation into potting mixes for all situation including seedling establishment and potting up of nursery stock, AmendMAX Sure Start will promote better plant growth and reduce frequency of irrigation applications.
Directions for using AmendMAX Sure Start Fertiliser

In ground planting of trees and ornamentals - Mix AmendMAX Sure Start with soil to be returned to the planting hole to ensure even distribution throughout the root zone. If placing AmendMAX Sure Start directly into bottom of hole it is essential to ensure it is spread evenly over the base area. DO NOT heap product.

For plants from:

  • 150mm pot - 13g of AmendMAX Sure Start
  • 200mm pot - 25g of AmendMAX Sure Start
  • 250mm pot - 50g of AmendMAX Sure Start

For applying AmendMAX Sure Start to turf: Prior to laying turf apply at 5kg/100m2 and lightly rake into the top 25-50mm of soil.

For applying AmendMAX Sure Start to Pots - Apply at 25g per 200mm pot. If apply to a prepared hole, spread evenly in hold, do not heap.

Brand: Amgrow
Product Form:
Analysis: 14.4% N, 0.4% P, 4% K, 0.8% Fe
Application Rate: 5kg per 100m2
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