Stamina 90 is a 100% non ionic, residual surfactant formulation for long term prevention of localised dry spot.

Stamina 90 is unmatched in its residual performance capabilities in both sandy and heavier soil profiles. Stamina 90 also has excellent warm and cool season turf safety characteristics and can be used in all forms of turf management, where residual performance is required. Stamina 90 possesses an excellent environmental profile and research has established that it is safe around aquatic organisms such as frogs.

  • Highest quality, 100% surfactant formulation.
  • Proven performance, backed by Nuturf and BASF.
  • Excellent residual performance.
  • Improves water usage by improving water penetration and retention.
  • Reduces irrigation requirements by increasing the rate and depth of water penetration.
  • Non burn formulation – even in high temperatures.
  • Effective in both sand and heavier soil profiles.
  • Flexibility in rate, dependent upon intensity of use.
  • Manufactured and developed in Australia for Australian conditions.


Brand: Stamina
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Application Rate: 200-500mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 100% blend of proprietary surfactants
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