Ryder® Turf Pigment is a green pigment for use on managed turf to improve its appearance and to help protect against UV radiation and excessive light intensities. RYDER® Turf Pigment provides your turf with a deep natural green colour with the flexibility to manage the colour intensity to suit your turf situation and needs. At the same time, RYDER® is working within the plant providing plant health benefits for both cool and warm-season turfgrass.

Key Benefits of Ryder Turf Pigment
  • Delivers a lasting and natural-looking green colour for an enhanced, more uniform appearance.
  • Ryder is safe to use on all turf species.
  • Protects against harmful UV rays and light stress
  • Provides natural consistent green colour
  • Enhanced turf appearance
How Ryder Works:

Ryder is a green-coloured phthalocyanine compound with a structure similar to the chlorophyll molecule. RYDER® absorbs, reflects and transmits excessive and harmful UV light, supporting the plants naturally produced pigments that reflect, scatter and screen radiation damage. Using the latest generation of pigment technology, at a high concentration, RYDER® can effectively mimic naturally produced turf pigments and deliver protection against harmful UV radiation and high light intensity.

Effective Tank Mix

Ryder is an effective mixing partner with foliar fertilisers delivering better turf quality than either product alone. It is a safe mixing partner with the Syngenta pesticide range delivering improved coverage across the leaf.

Application Details and Timing

Use higher rates for deeper green colour, higher heights of cut and greater protection against associated UV light stress. The instant colour provided by Ryder can act as a spray pattern indicator in itself, especially at higher rates or on turf inherently paler at the time of application. For even coverage always apply using Syngenta XC Nozzles, operated at 50 cm nozzle tip height and at a water volume of 250 – 500 L/ha. Two sprays at half rate, applied in different directions, can achieve better coverage on turf leaves managed at higher heights of cut. Rainfast in 1 hour.

  • Turf mowing height under 12mm (e.g. greens, teas, approaches, bowling greens, cricket squares): 0.75-1.5L/ha
  • Turf mowing height above 12mm (e.g. fairways, sports fields, cricket outfields): 1.0-2.0L/ha
Brand: Syngenta
Product Form:
Application Rate: 0.75-2L in a water volume of 250-500 L per ha
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