Kikuyu is a versatile and popular turf species for roadsides, soil stabilisation, nature strips, lawns, sporting fields and other public areas looking for a soft drought-tolerant turf species. Kikuyu is also suitable for forage for all grazing animals, beef, dairy, sheep, goat, horse and camel.

Preferring full sun, Kikuyu is renowned for its strong rhizome growth and excellent recovery characteristics post mowing, wear or grazing during summer and it can stand some dry conditions due to its deep root system. It can withstand moderate concentrations of NaCl for prolonged periods and under repeated mowing making it an excellent choice along coastal parks and foreshore turf areas.

Key features of Kikuyu Grass
  • Warm-season turf grass with light green colour
  • Strong rhizome and stolon growth
  • Responds well to N fertiliser
  • Excellent drought tolerance with some salt tolerance
  • Can withstand low mowing and heavy grazing
  • Medium traffic tolerance
  • Can tolerate higher Al/Mn soil levels
  • Enhanced by AgriCOTE seed treatment
Key benefits of Kikuyu Grass
  • Confidence it will perform very well
  • Excellent for erosion control
  • Quality racetrack species
  • Good choice for lawn, sportsfields where persistence is required
  • Thrives under constant mowing and heavy grazing
Establishing Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu is readily established from seed when soil temperatures are increasing above 18 degrees. Recommended planting times are spring through summer like bermudagrass however kikuyu can be dormant seeded over winter and will germinate when soil conditions are suitable.

Seed should be sown at a depth of 1–5 mm is ideal and is readily compatible with other species such as ryegrass for hydroseeding.

Suggested sowing rates (Agricote) seed

  • Turf: 0.5–1 kg/100m2
  • Dryland pasture: 8–12 kg/ha
  • Irrigated pasture: 15–20 kg/ha

Good moisture conditions post sowing is essential for effective establishment.

Important Note for WA and TAS Orders:

Due to strict quarantine regulations, please contact us to purchase seeds for delivery to WA or TAS.

If you place a seed order to WA or TAS without the required quarantine certificate, your order may be refunded by our Customer Support team.

Brand: Barenbrug
Surface Type:
Sportsfields, Home Lawns, Parks and Amenities
Application Rate: 0.5-1kg per 100m²
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