Green Lawnger is an efficient turf paint and divot mix colourant that restores the natural green colour to turf . Green Lawnger may also be pre-applied to divot mix sand, giving the mix a natural green colour. Green Lawnger helps you achieve naturally green, healthy-looking turf that won't wash off or wear on turf and is the perfect solution to naturally green turf, all year round.

Green Lawnger is nonphytotoxic to turf, and contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients known to be harmful to turf.

Key Benefits of Green Lawnger Turf Paint
  • Natural restoration of green turf colour with a pigment, not a dye, prolonging the healthy appearance of turLong-lasting
  • Long lasting, natural green colour which lasts up to four months (120+ days) after a single application
  • A durable colour that won’t fade to blue even under prolonged UV exposure
  • Replacing expensive over-seeding programs, Green Lawnger is efficient and cost-effective in extending turf use into the cooler months.
  • Suitable for use in the pre-treatment of divot mix sand to optimise blending with treated turf
How to use Green Lawnger Turf Paint

Before applying Green Lawnger Turf Paint, mow your turf area to the desired height. 1L of Green Lawnger Turf Paint covers between 100 and 300m2 of turf. The wide coverage range is due to the type of condition of grass being treated, and turf colour desired. Some experimentation may be required with ratios; the rate depends on desired colour. For best results on discoloured areas, two applications are recommended to blend the applied area with the existing healthy turf.

Brand: BASF
Product Form:
Application Rate: 200-300 mL per 100m²
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