Andersons Nutri DG Greens Zero N 0-0-21 (dispersing granules) for fine cut turf. Use any time a nitrogen application is not desired or when sufficient nitrogen is available from effluent irrigation water.

Key features and benefits of Andersons Nutri DG Greens Zero N 0-0-21 Turf Fertiliser
  • Advanced dispersing granule technology ensures maximum coverage and performance
  • For use on greens, tees, and other closely mowed turf
  • High potassium formula helps correct and maintain potassium levels
  • Contains the trace elements magnesium and manganese
  • Bio-enhanced with Proactin®, a matrix of concentrated I-amino acids, vitamins, and other bio-nutrients which increases soil micro flora, improves soil structure, and facilitates nutrient uptake
Brand: The Andersons
Product Form:
Analysis: 21% K, 14% S, 4% Mg, 3% Mn
Application Rate: 1.5-3kg per 100m²
Particle Size: SGN 75
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