Andersons Nutri DG Greens Turfstarter 12-11-7 is a premium high phosphorous greens grade slow-release fertiliser harnessing Andersons patented DG Technology.

Dispersive delivery system ensures nutrients are delivered straight into the soil following irrigation, minimising mower pickup and optimising plant response.

High phosphorus formulation with true slow-release nitrogen, ideal for use during turf establishment and grow in.

Key features and benefits of Andersons Nutri DG Greens Turfstarter 12-11-7 Fertiliser
  • Advanced dispersing granule technology ensures maximum coverage and performance
  • For use on greens, tees, and other closely mowed turf
  • High phosphorus formula helps correct phosphorus deficiencies and aids in turf establishment from seed or laying turf
  • 50% of nitrogen is derived from MUtech™ methylene urea for extended feeding
  • The other 50% of nitrogen is derived from ammonium sulphate for immediate turf response
  • Contains the trace elements iron, manganese, and magnesium
Brand: The Andersons
Product Form:
Analysis: 12% N, 11% P, 7% K + 50% Mutech
Application Rate: 1.5-2.5kg per 100m²
Particle Size: SGN 75
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