Trimmit is a systemic growth regulator that reduces internode lengths of new shoots and causes earlier formation of terminal buds.

Trimmit reduces hedge regrowth by up to 90%, helping you achieve a better looking, more uniform hedge with less maintenance.

Key benefits of Trimmit Growth Regulator
  • Reduction in required labour
  • Less green waste for disposal
  • Less HSE requirements, eg. traffic control, ladders, trimmers
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • Deeper, greener colour
  • Economical application rates
How to use Trimmit

Use of Trimmit should begin only when plants are nearing their optimum size, that is once the desired shape (height, width and foliar density) has already been achieved and the plant requires only maintenance thereafter.

  • Apply Trimmit as a root drench for consistent uptake
  • Apply the required amount of Trimmit in 1 L of water per plant
  • Use the lower rate when applying for the first time. If increased regulation is required, step up to the higher rate in the second year
  • Rates start at 0.5 mL/plant to 2.5 mL/plant
Management tips
  • DO NOT prune the hedging plant for 4 to 6 weeks after application
  • Treated hedges should be kept well-watered with adequate nutrition
  • Apply a repeat treatment after 12 months only when growth resumes
Important notes
  • Stress can be caused by a shortage of moisture, high temperature, excess moisture, severe frosts, lack of nutrients, disease and pest pressure and mechanical damage. DO NOT apply to hedges under stress
  • Ensure complete coverage of the plant’s root system
  • DO NOT apply to hydrophobic (water repellent) soil
  • May include a soil penetrant/wetting agent
  • Trimmit will not reduce flowering
Brand: Syngenta
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Application Rate: 0.5-2.5mL in 1L water
Active Ingredient: 250 g/L Paclobutrazol
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