Marvel Ultra Plant Growth Regulator is a micro-emulsion formulation possessing a patented, unique emulsifier which enhances product stability, improves rainfastness, spread, coverage and movement of trinexapac ethyl into the plant.

Marvel Ultra 120ME is registered for the regulation of leaf and stem growth, as well as a turf management aid across a range of turfgrass species and growing regimes. Marvel Ultra 120 ME is also registered for the suppression of Bahiagrass and seadhead control in combination with herbicides. Marvel Ultra 120 ME is registered and safe for use on a very broad range of turfgrass species including; Common and Hybrid Couch, Bentgrass, Kikuyu, Queensland Blue Couch, Carpetgrass, Buffalo, Bahiagrass, Zoysia, Fescues, Perennial Ryegrass, Durban grass and Poa annua.

Key Benefits of Marvel Ultra Plant Growth Regulator
  • Inhibits vertical shoot growth.
  • Promotes rich colour, lateral stem and root mass development.
  • Helps produce healthy, durable blades in turfgrass.
  • Helps turf withstand seasonal stresses.
  • Odourless, micro-emulsion concentrate, that is petroleum solvent free and tank mix flexible.
  • Rainfast in 3 hours.
  • Increases quality of final cut, particularly in high maintenance situations.
  • Reduced clippings for efficient mowing and reduction in waste.
  • Registered for use in Bahiagrass management and suppression.
  • Registered for a very broad range of turf species (more than 11 differing turf species).
Marvel Ultra 120 ME Plant Growth Regulator Mode of Action

The active ingredient in Marvel Ultra 120 ME, Trinexapac-ethyl, inhibits reduction in cellular elongation and internode length. After application, new growth has shortened internodes, more tillers, and reduced vertical growth compared to untreated turf.

Trinexapac-ethyl is rapidly absorbed by the plant’s leaves and crowns. The majority of uptake occurs within one hour of treatment. Absorption through roots is negligible, as the product is broken down in the soil environment quickly. Marvel Ultra 120 ME is transported acropetally (upwards) in the xylem to the meristem, where cell elongation occurs. The systemic translocation properties of Marvel Ultra 120 ME ensures even distribution of the active ingredient within the plant tissue. Full growth regulation with Marvel Ultra 120 ME begins within 3-5 days of application.

Key Application Information for Marvel Ultra 120 ME

The rates recommended on the Marvel Ultra 120 ME label are designed to give approximately a 20 - 50% reduction in clippings over a 2 to 6 week period. In practice, the amount of growth regulation achieved will vary due to environmental conditions and turf management regimes. As a result, it is likely that application rates will need adjustment to match growing conditions, management practices and the quantity of growth regulation required.

Repeat applications can be made as soon as turf resumes growth or more suppression is desired. Marvel Ultra 120 ME growth regulator should be applied to actively growing turf, at least 6 hours before or after mowing. Good mowing practices prior to application are required to maximise performance and achieve quality turf swards. Use the lower label rate in situations when turf is going dormant due to high or low temperatures, or lack of moisture. Please consult the product label for full application details.

Brand: Adama
Product Form:
Liquid (Micro-Emulsion Concentrate)
Application Rate: 1.5-80mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 120g/L Trinexapac-ethyl
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