Auxinone contains plant growth substances in the form of Auxins. It also incorporates Thiamine, which is commonly known as Vitamin B1. Auxinone is advantageous by encouraging the establishment and formation of the root system. Auxinone Growth Stimulant is a very useful tool in assisting the regeneration of roots, particularly when plants have been under stress by plant pathogens, including nematodes.

As a maintenance bio-stimulant product, Auxinone has a great fit, as it is very tank mix flexible and can be included with most Agchem or fertiliser product. The key when using the product is to continue to apply applications on a monthly basis. Due to Auxinone Growth Stimulant being very economical to use, the cost of applying it regularly is very reasonable.

When used in conjunction with a useful fertiliser program, Auxinone will:
  • Stimulate root development, particularly when establishing new turf areas
  • Encourage new growth in turf following winter dormancy
  • Improve turf development in weaker areas
  • Enhance root development initiation in plant propagation situations
Key features of Auxinone Growth Stimulant
  • Economical for use both as a regular monthly maintenance bio-stimulant option or for broadacre turf establishment
  • Strengthens your fertility program, maximises root development and uptake of applied nutrients
  • Excellent tank mix flexibility. Can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of plant nutrition, wetting agent and plant protection products
  • Excellent liquid option as a rooting compound for cuttings in plant propagation. Proven to significantly enhance root initiation and plant establishment
  • Unlike many other Biostimulants, Auxinone is registered with the APVMA, ensuring consistency in manufactured product and peace of mind that the product will do the job it is claimed to do
  • Developed and manufactured in Australia
Product Form:
Application Rate: 100mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 0.075g/L NAA, 0.075g/L IAA, 2.25g/L Vitamin B1
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