Meridian insecticide is a water dispersible granule that provides effective control on a wide variety of insects and grubs, killing through both contact and ingestion.

Meridian is a rapidly absorbed into the plant making it rain-fast, after it has dried and allowing for residual control of pests that may attempt to feed on the foliage.

Meridian provides residual control in turfgrass and will control pests for an extended time. When applied direct to the soil, Meridian can be taken up by the roots of the plant providing systemic action.

Key Benefits of Meridian Turf Insecticide
  • Season long control of grubs including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and Billbug
  • Effective in wet and dry soil conditions due to high bio-availability (function of solubility and soil binding)
  • Irrigation savings of up to 60,000 litres of water per hectare during dry seasonal weather from washing in after application
  • Flexible rate ranges for season long control of up to 6 months
  • Versatility for use on turf farms, sporting fields, parks, ovals, fairways and other turf situations with irregular irrigation
Application Timing and Rate Variation

Meridian is particularly active against the 1st and 2nd instar larvae of the most destructive turf infesting grub species. The window for application should thus be positioned around the peak egg laying period by adult beetles. This timing can be monitored by the increasing activity of adult beetles, usually during spring and early summer.

For example, African Black Beetle egg laying peaks around October whereas that of the Argentinian Scarab peaks around November to early December, so an application at 1.2 kg/ha around the end of October should be sufficient to ensure high levels of grub control for the season.

Mixing and Compatibility

Meridian is a water dispersible granule (WDG) with minimal odour and non-staining properties. Meridian mixes completely with water and may be tank mixed with many commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers as long as the tank mix is targeted as a soil application.

Brand: Syngenta
Group 4 Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Contact, Ingestion, Systemic, Residual
Product Form:
Pest: African Black Beetle, Billbug
Application Rate: 8-12g per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 250g/kg Thiamethoxam
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