Tetrino Turf Insecticide, offers unmatched combination of performance, ease of use and efficiency. It delivers fast control and lasting protection against a broad-spectrum of turf insect pests with a low rate of active ingredient, making it a flexible and sustainable insect control solution.

Tetrino controls insect pests in turf including on golf courses, sports fields, bowling greens, race tracks, recreational lawns and turf farms.

Key benefits of Tetrino Turf Insecticide
  • Effective: A single product provides reliable, best in class control of both scarab larvae and stem weevil, as well as turf damaging caterpillars
  • Efficient: Fast-acting with immediate feeding cessation giving you peace of mind that your turf is protected and that application does not need to be made any earlier than required
  • Easy to use: Preventative and early curative efficacy against a broad spectrum of insect pests which optimises application timing flexibility to ensure season long protection
  • Not a scheduled poison and no re-entry period to provide a high level of peace of mind for safety of applicators and the general public
Best practice guidelines

Insect lifecycle

An understanding of the insect lifecycles in your location/region is valuable to develop the optimum timing of application and maximise control. Consult previous records and/or monitor for insect activity and lifecycle stages throughout the spring and early summer.

Application of Tetrino

Good control requires good coverage. Application should be made using sufficient water to ensure thorough, uniform coverage. Apply in a minimum of 200L water/ha when applying to soil pests that require follow-up irrigation or rainfall to move the product to the soil. For other insect pests, apply in a minimum water volume of 400L water/ha.

Mixing Tetrino

Ensure that the spray is clean and free of residues. If necessary, wash out the sprayer with water and detergent before use and treat washings as hazardous waste. Fill the sprayers with half the required volume of water. Measure out precisely the required quantity of product and pour carefully into the spray tank. Complete the filling of the sprayer with water to the appropriate level and agitate.

Please note that the registration of products to the Envu legal entity is currently in progress. In the meantime, Envu products will progressively transfer from Bayer to the Envu brand. You may observe product with packaging that belong to either Envu or Bayer during this transition.

Brand: Envu
Preventative, Curative
Group 28 Insecticide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Pest: African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Billbug, Lawn Armyworm
Application Rate: 1.15-2.3 L per ha
Active Ingredient: 42.8g/l Tetraniliprole
Mobility Type:
australian agribusiness

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