Indemnify is a next-generation nematicide that controls key plant parasitic nematodes in turfgrass. It improves root growth and overall turfgrass health, translating to better playability with improved wear tolerance.

Indemnify is safe on all turf types including bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass.

Indemnify is also approved for use on all golf course areas of play, along with sod farms, sport fields, residential, institutional, municipal, and commercial turfgrass areas.

Key Features of Indemnify Turf Nematicide
  • New mode of action delivering fast, effective, long term control of plant parasitic nematodes
  • Advanced formulation technology with soil penetrating surfactants
  • Not a scheduled poison and minimal PPE requirement for application
  • White to beige suspension concentrate (SC) formulation with low use rate
Benefits of Indemnify Turf Nematicide
  • A tool to strengthen integrated nematode management programs
  • Improved root growth and turf health
  • Turf that is more resilient to stresses of climate and traffic
  • Improved playability of sports turf surfaces
  • Easier to get active ingredient to the target root zone without the need for invasive practices or heavy irrigation/rainfall
  • Low health risk to applicators and people playing on treated turf
  • Easy to mix and store. Sprays clear and is non-staining
Optimum timing for the application of Indemnify Nematicide

Indemnify should be applied as a preventative treatment when conditions are favourable for root growth, before nematode populations build up to damaging levels. The population build-up of some key species such as sting nematode often occurs during or following a period of root growth, so optimum timing of application, while situation-dependent, will often be just prior to periods of peak root growth. For cool-season turf this timing is typically early spring and autumn and for warm-season turf this timing is spring and autumn.

Please note that the registration of products to the Envu legal entity is currently in progress. In the meantime, Envu products will progressively transfer from Bayer to the Envu brand. You may observe product with packaging that belong to either Envu or Bayer during this transition.

Brand: Envu
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Pest: Nematodes
Application Rate: 6.25mL per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 400g/l Fluopyram
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