Terrazole 350 WP is an effective soil fungicide for prevention and control of damping-off, root rot and stem diseases caused by pythium and phytophthora species in ornamentals and turf.

Key Benefits

  • Systemic and highly active
  • Both preventative and curative 
  • Flexible application - add to soil, apply as a spray,  or use as a dip
  • Designed to get to the root zone where maximum  protection is needed

Stop the Rot 

Disease causing fungi are always present in the soil. When conditions are right they attack. Without protection from soil-borne fungi, growers can suffer significant yield losses due to root damage in crops. It’s what you can’t see that could be most destructive  to your plants. A prevention program based on Terrazole makes the soil a better environment for plant growth, allowing the roots to penetrate deeper for more vigorous growth.  Give yourself peace of mind with Terrazole. 


Damping Off and Grease Spot are common names of diseases in turf caused by Pythium spp. It is one of the most destructive turfgrass fungi known, and severe disease outbreaks can destroy otherwise healthy turf within days. Terrazole works best in a preventative program based on continued periodic applications on turf.


Root Rot and Stem Rot caused by Phytophthora spp and Damping Off caused by Pythium spp are diseases in bedding plants, herbaceous and woody ornamental plants. Terrazole can be used to prevent and control these diseases.
Brand: UPL
Product Form:
Wettable powder
Active Ingredient: 350 g/kg Etridiazole
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