Segway 400SC fungicide from ISK Biosciences is a revolutionary new fungicide, providing Australian turf managers with a reliable new tool in the fight against diseases caused by Pythium spp., including Pythium Leaf Blight and Pythium Root Dysfunction. Segway 400SC fungicide offers a novel mode of action and unparalleled performance against pythium related diseases.

Key Benefits of Segway 400SC Fungicide
  • New active ingredient for turf management in Australia
  • Novel mode of action – resistance management tool
  • No reported cross resistance with other fungicides
  • Low poison scheduling (5, Caution)
  • Low use rate of 1L per hectare
  • Exceptional rain-fastness and leaf deposition
  • Leading residual preventative control and reliable curative control
Segway 400SC Fungicide Features a New Active Ingredient for Turf

Cyazofamid, the active ingredient in Segway® 400SC Fungicide is a new active ingredient for the Australian turf market. It is a member of the cyano-imidazole chemical class and is generally classified into the azole group. While its primary strength is as a preventative control method, Segway® 400SC Fungicide also possesses reliable curative activity.

While new to Australia, cyazofamid has already established itself as a leading fungicide in the US and Europe. Since its introduction into turf management, cyazofamid has cemented its reputation as a reliable and efficient control option for Pythium Leaf Blight and Pythium Root Dysfunction. With its game-changing performance, low toxicology profile and novel mode of action, Segway® 400SC Fungicide has become the logical base of fungicide programs around the world.

Segway 400SC Fungicide Provides a New Mode of Action for Turf

Cyazofamid, the active ingredient in Segway® 400SC Fungicide has a FRAC grouping of 21. Following application, cyazofamid’s mode of action is to inhibit all stages of fungal development, in particular, respiratory inhibition at Complex III in the mitochondria of Oomycete fungi. This inhibition occurs at all stages of fungal development resulting in the inability for the fungal infection to develop spores or mycelium, preventing the pathogen from spreading or intensifying, and ultimately destroying any established Pythium spp. infections.

Segway Mode Of Action

With limited locally systemic activity occurring within the plant, cyazofamid works largely on contact, meaning it works best as a protectant fungicide. The exceptional rain-fastness characteristics of cyazofamid due to its affinity with the waxy cuticle of the plant, makes its protectant activity highly reliable for a 21-28-day period.

Improved Rotation Pythium Management

The FRAC grouping for Segway® 400SC Fungicide is group 21, which provides a new rotational tool for turf managers in resistance management. With pythium related diseases presenting a major management issue for Australian turf managers for a protracted period throughout the growing season, ensuring the rotation of modes of action is critical.

In field studies undertaken locally, Segway® 400SC Fungicide consistently proved itself superior and at least equal to industry standard pythium control options currently available to Australian turf managers.

Segway Pythium Root Dysfunction

Segway® 400SC Fungicide and Rain-fastness

Due to its affinity with the waxy cuticle of the plant and low solubility in water (University of Hertfordshire PPDB), Segway® 400SC Fungicide possesses excellent rain-fastness characteristics. This means that following application the active ingredient sticks to and remains in the treatment zone for an extended period, optimising its performance as a protectant fungicide. Studies undertaken by manufacturer ISK using a simulated rainfall machine demonstrated no measurable impact on the control performance following 20mm of simulated rain over a 2-hour period.

Brand: Biosciences
Preventative, Curative
Group 21 Fungicide
Mobility Type:
Contact, Locally Systemic
Product Form:
Liquid (Suspension Concentrate)
Narrow Spectrum
Disease: Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Dysfunction
Application Rate: 1L per ha
Active Ingredient: 400g/L cyazofamid
Mobility Type:
australian agribusiness

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