Magellan 800WG Fungicide is a targeted oomycete fungicide for the prevention and control of Phytophthora rots in ornamentals and Pythium in turf as specified in the Direction for Use.

It is specifically registered for the control of Pythium diseases in golf, bowling greens and other intensively managed turf as well as for Crown and Root Rot (Phytophthora spp.) in ornamental plant situations.

Magellan 800WG Fungicide is a high quality water dispersible formulation. It has minimal odour, disperses in water well and stays in solution for a long period of time. As a result, Magellan Fungicide mixes completely with water and may be tank mixed with many commonly used fungicides and liquid fertilisers.

Key features and benefits of Magellan 800WG Fungicide
  • Quality Formulation – Has minimal odour, disperses in water very well
  • Proven plant health benefits – Improves plant health by reducing oxidative stress, improves root development
  • No documented history of resistance – Can be used throughout the season with confidence
  • Upwards and downwards systemic activity – Easy to use and apply, regardless of weather conditions
  • Effective in conjunction with Foursome Pigment in turf – Useful combination with Foursome for improved aesthetic and plant performance in summer. This mixture allows you to dial up or down your pigment rates to better suit your individual requirements
  • Non scheduled chemistry – Few restrictions around fungicide timing and requirements
Brand: Adama
Group 33 Fungicide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Narrow Spectrum
Disease: Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Dysfunction
Application Rate: 125g per 100m²
Active Ingredient: 800g/kg Fosetyl-aluminium
Spectrum: Narrow Spectrum
Mobility Type: Systemic
Activity: Preventative
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