Banner Fairway is a fungicide registered for the control of control of Spring Dead Spot in Couch and Dollar Spot in Bent Grass and Queensland Blue Couch.

Banner Fairway fungicide is an excellent choice to use on larger areas such as fairways, sporting ovals, polo fields, racing tracks and parks. The fast absorption and systemic movement combines to ensure effective “stopping power” for early curative and preventative situations.

Key benefits of Banner Fairway Fungicide
  • Effective and economical Spring Dead Spot control
  • Fast absorption and even systemic movement through the turf roots to get where it is needed
  • Low odour, non-staining formulation
Application timing and rate variation of Banner Fairway

Banner Fairway's 6L/ha rate is suitable for use in preventative Spring Dead Spot programs. Two sequential applications on a 28-day interval are most successful.

For example, for fairways and fields, apply Banner Fairway in late February with a second application in late March (1 month later). For higher-risk areas like areas with recurring disease, apply Banner Fairway in late February and again in late March but then follow up with Heritage Maxx in late April.

The even application of Banner Fairway is essential in order to achieve even disease control. Avoid overlapping sprays.

Mixing and compatibility

Banner Fairway is a micro-emulsion concentrate (ME) with minimal odour. Banner Fairway fungicide is compatible with chlorothalonil.

Brand: Syngenta
Preventative, Curative
Group 3 Fungicide
Mobility Type:
Product Form:
Liquid (Micro-Emulsion Concentrate)
Disease: Dollar Spot, Spring Dead Spot
Application Rate: 6L\ha
Active Ingredient: 250 g/L propiconazole
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