Noculate XN is a high nitrogen fertiliser designed to provide extra nitrogen when elevated growth is required. Excellent renovation fertiliser giving rapid recovery and repopulating soil with beneficial micro organisms.

Noculate fertiliser is scientifically designed to address both biological and chemical needs of soil nutrition. Each of the noculate granular products contains high quality nutrition along with humic acid, kelp, soil wetting agent and 24 strains of beneficial microbes all in the one product. The specific high nitrogen blend allows for high turf grass growth. Ideal as a fertiliser for use at renovation or when rapid growth is required. Added iron enhances plant colour and response.

For use on greens, tees, and other closely mowed turf.

What is the Noculate range?

Noculate is Nuturf’s biologically enhanced fertilisers utilising a unique ,technology-driven production process. Each individual formulation benefits from the addition of a select consortium of highly beneficial soil microorganisms. These microscopic wonders have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and solubilise minerals in the soil profile, both of which facilitate the never-ending quest by plants to sequester nutrition.

What are the key features of the Noculate range?
  • High quality NPK nutrient delivery
  • Freeze-dried technology for microbial population
  • Solubilise locked soil nutrients
  • Improved nitrogen cycling
  • Improved root systems: root hairs and branching
  • Improve soil health
  • Rejuvenate soils which have been treated with pesticides
  • Reduce disease activity
  • Improved soil nutrient availability and nutrient uptake
  • Contains Humic Acid and Wetting agent
  • Small granule under 100 SGN allows year-round use on greens
Brand: Brandt
Product Form:
Analysis: 24% N, 0.5% P, 5% K, 1% Fe + 6% humic acid
Application Rate: 3kg per 100m²
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