Nutrafeed Trace Element blend contains all essential trace elements mainly in sulphate form for complete micro nutrient supplementation. Nutrafeed Trace Elements also contains nitrogen to enhance plant uptake.

The product contains Nitrogen, Sulphur, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Boron, Manganese and Molybdenum.

Key features of Nutrafeed Soluble Fertilisers

Nurtrafeed soluble fertilisers are high quality, value for money, water soluble fertilisers used for foliar feeding and fertigation of turf grass and ornamental plants. There is a Nutrafeed product to meet the specific needs of your turf, whatever the turf species, soil types or seasonal requirements. Nutrafeed blends have been developed in Australia for Australian turf grass conditions. Nutrafeed offers a versatile product that can be utilised in fertigation or foliar feeding making nutritional management easier than ever before.

  • Save the time and effort involved in mixing soluble straights
  • No wastage from part used soluble Straight bags
  • Reduced chance of mixing errors by using a ready-made formulation
  • Quality ingredients guarantee easy mixing with no residual
  • Contains trace elements in a chelated form maximising plant uptake
  • Formulated to enable optimal plant uptake for improved plant growth
Why Use Nutrafeed Soluble Fertilisers?

Nutrafeed soluble fertilisers are a plant available, economical, efficient and easy way to quickly correct plant deficiencies, particularly when applied as a foliar application. Alternatively Nutrafeed soluble fertilisers can be used as part of a maintenance program to supplement soil fertility and ensure plants receive optimal nutrition and therefore perform at their optimal health and growth.

Benefits of the Nutrafeed Range
  • No blockages - Nutrafeed soluble fertilisers are 100% soluble and dissolve easily in fertigation or spray tanks
  • Economical - Nutrafeed soluble fertilisers can supply the full range of nutrients to the plant including trace elements
  • Quality - the nutrients used in Nutrafeed products are sourced only from the highest quality suppliers in the world
  • Highly flexible application - once in solution they can be applied through irrigation systems, drip, trickle, micro jets, injection systems or foliar application
  • Easy to use - the Nutrafeed range has been formulated to be non-caking
  • High degree of safety. Non burning if used at recommended rates
  • Uniform distribution of elements
Brand: Nutrafeed
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 1.7% N, 16% S, 7% Mg, 1.006% Zn, 6.063 Fe%, 0.628% Cu, 0.01% B, 1.627% Mn, 0.198% Mo
Application Rate: 50-150 kg per ha
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