GreenSpec™ S-K Balance™ is a unique, bioactive potassium and calcium soil amendment developed in the US specifically for use in high quality turf situations.

GreenSpec™ S-K Balance™ is ideal for year round application to high quality turf areas, to address and prevent calcium and potassium deficiencies and to strengthen the turfgrass plant prior to periods of stress.

Benefits of the Nuturf GreenSpec Fertiliser Range

The GreenSpec line has been engineered by turf managers, for turf managers using proprietary protein derived nitrogen, kelp and soybean meal and a unique sucrate source of trace elements for optimised nutrient uptake and plant use.

  • Premium quality homogenous fertilisers
  • 100SGN water-dispersible granule for highly uniform application
  • Sucrate chelated micronutrients for enhanced availability and uptake
  • Low burn formulations – excellent plant safety
  • Unique protein-based nitrogen and phosphorus source
  • Kelp, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid in all NPK formulations
  • Superior quality – made in Canada from the premium ingredients
  • Internationally recognised brand
Brand: GreenSpec
Product Form:
Analysis: 20% K, 11% Ca
Application Rate: 1.5-4kg per 100m²
Particle Size: 100SGN
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