Green Cal Gypsum Fairway Grade is a granular gypsum option for application to high cut turf surfaces, and for use in landscape situations. It is ideal for correcting calcium deficiencies without impacting on soil pH, displacing Sodium from the soil profile and building soil structure.

Product Form for Cal Gypsum Fairway Grade

Comes in Fairway Grade prills 300SGN and readily disperses when contacted by water forming many individual particles restoring Calcium to the soil without raising pH.

Formed from GreenCal gypsum powder, a natural 98% pure calcium sulphate dihydrate powder, into Granules, when moisture is applied, GreenCal granular simply disperses back to its powdered form and becomes available in the soil profile. The very high purity and particle size of GreenCal granular gypsum make it readily available in the soil compared with agricultural gypsum products.

Key features of Green Cal Gypsum Fairway Grade

GreenCal gypsum granular supplies readily available calcium and sulphur without significantly affecting soil pH. GreenCal gypsum granular is suitable for spreading using standard spreading systems. The superior strength of the granules also allows GreenCal granular to be used in fertiliser blending equipment.

Can be used in a program to remove Sodium from the soil profile. As Calcium has a greater bonding potential to soil particles than Sodium it can replace the Sodium ions attached to soil particles.

Directions for using Green Cal Gypsum Fairway Grade
  • Apply product to actively growing turf at 1.0 - 5.0 kg/100 m2 as indicated by soil testing.
  • To maintain soil calcium levels, apply 2.5-5.0 kg/100 m2 as needed.
  • To remove sodium from the soil, repeat applications every 4-8 weeks.
  • Apply to dry foliage. Water in after application with 3-4 mm of irrigation.
  • If temperatures exceed 30° C or if application to damp or wet turf is unavoidable, irrigate immediately after application.
Brand: Swancorp
Product Form:
Analysis: 97% gypsum, 23% Ca, 18% S
Application Rate: 1-5kg per 100m2
Particle Size: 300 SGN
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