Calcium Nitrate is a highly soluble form of calcium and nitrogen which is suitable for any fertigation or hydroponic situations where nitrogen and calcium are required.

Calcium nitrate is suitable for a broad range of plants including turf, fruit, vegetables, flowers and bulbs.

Key information about applying Calcium Nitrate
  • Always water fertiliser in well after application. Watering should result in a thorough saturation of the area
  • Avoid direct contact with plant roots and seeds
  • Even, light and regular applications of this product will achieve the best results
  • Always reseal bags after use
  • Sandy soils will require lower rates of fertiliser but more frequent applications
  • Use sparingly on potted plants
  • It is safer to apply small amounts more regularly
Brand: Amgrow
Product Form:
Analysis: 15.5% N, 19% Ca
Application Rate: 200-300 kg per ha
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