Black Label Pro+ Strength 22-0-19 is a premium 150 SGN mini prill sports turf fertiliser, containing upfront and multiple controlled release sources of nitrogen present as PSCU and methylene urea for optimum release rate and turf growth.

Also contains potassium in plant available and coated forms for sustained nutrient availability. Suitable for use on low cut sports fields, fairways, tees and amenity turf situations. Formulated in Australia, for local conditions.

Why Black Label Fertiliser?

The Black Label range of professional granular fertilisers has been developed to accommodate the needs of turf managers in every turf maintenance scenario. Refined over many years, Nuturf’s Black Label range has continuously evolved to harness the latest turf nutrition technologies available including multiple forms of controlled and slow-release nitrogen for any situation.

  • Proudly Australian made for local conditions
  • Multiple forms of nitrogen
  • Multiple forms of potassium
  • Varying granule sizes for any sportsturf application
  • Added minor elements for plant health benefits
  • Multiple formulations to suit your situation
About the Black Label PRO+ Nutrition Range

The Black Label Pro+ fertilisers are the premium flagship of the Black Label range. These superior mini prill blends are developed for use in high pressure sportsturf situations where perfection is the standard. Well-rounded no fuss formulations

  • Coated potassium nitrate for 2-4 month controlled release
  • Sustained and uniform growth response for up to 18 weeks
  • Contains both MU and PCSU nitrogen release technologies
  • Added iron for immediate deep greening
  • Consistent 150SGN mini prill for even distribution and reduced surface disruption
Brand: Black Label
Australian Made:
Product Form:
Analysis: 22% N, 19.4% K, 3.1% S
Application Rate: 2.3 kg/100m²
Particle Size: SGN 150
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